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Architecture, Design, Environment, the ADE bureau draws from this interactive triangle both the origins and the?essence of its work, born of an immovable and logical link between Architecture, its forms and its functions,?Design of interior space and the Environment, the source of the project within which each building takes its place.?With the clearly stated desire to express, through contemporary architecture, the wish to see buildings?constructed which respond to all the demands of our time, with its mutations in terms of the economy and of?energy, ADE provides an approach which is adapted to each client, each programme and each budget.

At the heart of each challenge, the architect has to put his own brick in the wall, reflect with wisdom and offer?sustainable concepts, architecture with High Quality to the Environment, thought out according to the numerous?criteria which will enable all types of building to provide a response suited to the stakes, having regard for the?location, its programme, its construction costs and its use.

Constructing in or close to cities, in liaison with modern and carefully considered modes of mobility, offers the architect?the possibility of proposing offices, residential accommodation, shops and services which make use of new?techniques and new materials. Creating today the buildings of tomorrow.

For each project, these demands bring with them the necessity for analysis, a reflection on the management of?these parameters before generating the architecture and the suitable image which will result from it.

This is the challenge to be met, the objective which ADE has set itself.


Marc Stryckman
Managing Director - Founding Partner

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