Charter of Excellence


The Members of the G30 ASBL are Leading Firms from Belgium specialising in Architecture
and Urban Design that share a common concern towards achieving global quality and
sustainability in all design works entrusted to them.

Membership of the G30 also indicates a willingness to strive for the enhancement of
professional practice through the exchange of examples of good practice in architecture and
urban design.

Furthermore, the G30 through its actions wishes to contribute to improve the conditions of
practice of the profession in Belgium and in Europe.
As a token of their engagement in achieving these goals the Members of the G30 have
adopted a Quality Charter and Principles of Ethics that are in conformity with existing
legislation in Belgium and in Europe as well as in line with the rules and recommendations
adopted by the profession at European and International level in these matters.

G30 - Charter of Excellence - 03/2011 [PDF]

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