Jacques Timmerman's vision

 To succeed in constantly changing world adaptive organisations must be ready to listen, to understand, to adapt, and learn to work across the boundaries. They tap into collective expertise to find the way to innovate.
Successful organisations will stand out by effectively managing networks, knowledge and
The G30 intend to contribute to innovating the conditions of practice of the profession in
Belgium and in Europe.


Facing always greater stakes…

 The evolution of the institutional and economical environment of the construction sector has
been accelerated due to a never-ending changing world and to the economical and financial

Several recent European Directives as well as the related policies have an important impact on
the architectural profession (professional qualifications, services, public procurement…). This
brings about changes that are sometimes profound in respect of the conditions of practice of
this profession.

The functioning of the market is evolving, and so does the behaviour of the various actors,
whereby perverse effects are reported. It is imperative to promote practices that are more
respectful of the public interest:

  • Quality-based selection
  • Choosing the most advantageous tender instead of the lowest cost
  • Independence of the architect
  • Equitable insurance system for all partners
  • Appropriate remuneration of candidates in design contests….

… But there are also new opportunities

 Some of the new challenges such as, energy efficiency in buildings, climate changes and, more
generally, increased awareness of the stakes, among others, are also new opportunities.

The European Council has underlined the role of architecture for sustainable development, in
particular as regards cultural, environmental and social aspects.

At the same time, which is new, awareness of the necessity to conceive new, “intelligent” urban
policies, in particular as regards urban development and housing, has gained importance in the
minds of politicians at all levels. Architectural quality – progressively – finds its place when
implementing innovative, holistic policies in the best interest of European citizens and future

Create a dynamics

 Credibility and Solidarity are two important principles of the G30. Furthermore they are

Based on a strategic vision, the G30 formulates recommendations and promotes them towards
the policy makers and economical actors concerned. Therefore, the G30 promotes procurement
of architecture and urban design favoring quality and sustainable development, thereby hoping
to contribute to improving the global quality of the built environment.

Already, the G30 has taken several initiatives that seek, among others, to optimize contractual
relations between architects and clients, and also to improve governance within architectural
offices, in particular as regards the relationship with collaborators. The members of the G30
lean on a reference document, called a “Charter of excellence”. This document and collective
goal of the G30 is in accordance with the recommendations for standards of professionalism as
defined by the professional organizations at national, European and international level.

Thus, the Members of the G30, intending to be well-performing firms enjoying a good notoriety
and visibility have decided to promote and develop their activities abroad and to export the
Belgian know-how.

It should be my great pleasure that not only the board of the offices but also that the people
inside the office of the members can easily connect with all of us in the organization.

By using actively forums and blogs we can harness collective capability by sharing useful
knowledge, working collaboratively and co-creating to promoting and improving the
architectural practice.

The G30 Newsletter

Therefore we wish to invite you all to come forward with your offers to feed this column with
ideas to promote and improve the architectural practice.
Kind regards,

Jacques Timmerman, president of the G30.
Brussels July 2011.

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