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Board of Administrators (2021-23)

Rita Agneessens, co-President
Renaud Chevalier, co-President & Treasurer
Olivier Barré
Benoît Jacques
Frederik Jacobs
Jos Leyssens
Joël Meersseman
Marie Moignot
Alain Sagne, Secretary
Cestmira Vesela
Barbara Wolff

As Founding Members

Christine Conix
Jacques Timmerman
Philémon Wachtelaer
Éric Ysebrant de Lendonck

Website Editorial Coordination : Alain Sagne

Promoting sustainable quality in the built and non-built environment and fostering adaptability and anticipation in architectural activities

The G30 is a non-profit association founded in 2007 by leading Belgian Architectural Firms eager to contribute to enhancing the profile of the profession.

It currently brings together about 30 architectural firms based in Belgium. As an independent pressure group the G30 maintains regular relationships with the relevant political authorities as well as with the main actors in the construction sector on the basis of win-win co-operation. The G30 also maintains dialogues with the various professional organisations.


Achieving sustainable quality implies that holistic approaches be used for the adoption and implementation of innovative, human centered policies with the permanent concern of the public interest and of future generations.

Sustainable development is a recognized political priority. In the shaping of the built and non-built environment it involves, among other things: responsible design, energy efficiency, choice of adequate materials, lifecycle and circular economy, optimization of global quality, social well-being...

The European Union has increased to this end the financial resources to encourage "intelligent" urban policies, especially as regards urban regeneration, urban planning and housing, also taking into account the new migration flows.

At the same time the Council of the European Union has recognized the importance of architectural quality as it pertains to the cultural, ecological and social dimensions.


The institutional and economic parameters around construction activities are further evolving and so is also the functioning of the market and the behaviour of the actors.

In particular, EU Law and Regulation and hence derived national policies adopted in some key sectors (services, procurement, urban regeneration and building renovation...) have a significant impact on the profession of architect in Europe.

This is further accentuated by demographic and technological evolutions and by climate changes.

As a consequence, the professional environment and the effective conditions of practice for architectural activities are also undergoing significant changes.

It is essential to foster a better knowledge of the role of architecture in shaping the built and non-built environment and, at the same time, to strive for a better understanding and recognition of the architect’s role as a key professional in achieving the goal.


With a 2030 vision in mind, the reflection work carried out in the G30 aims at issuing recommendations for the attention of policy makers and economic stakeholders including professionals, in particular in Belgium, with the view to promoting a.o. the following elements:

  • Encouraging the provision of architectural and urban services that target sustainable quality in the built and non-built environment.

  • Fostering procurement policies and effective implementation that preserve the general interest in the public and private sectors.

  • Ensuring a fair balance in the economic conditions of practice of the profession.

The G30 has also adopted a ‘charter of excellence’ that focuses on the public interest and sustainable quality as key values.