Actions & Projects

Jan 31 2020

Standard List of Tasks (matrix) in the Construction Sector (2019)

Three leading organizations among the main actors involved in the construction process in Belgium namely, the ADEB (Large Contractors), the ORI (Engineering Consultancies) and the G30 (Architects firms) jointly engaged in 2018 in a project aimed at listing in a matrix all of the tasks that must be performed in a construction project while identifying the respective roles. The result of their efforts culminated in a detailed matrix that was presented at a conference in Brussels in April 2019.

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Feb 5 2020

Public Procurement - Policy Recommendations

In 2013-2014 the G30 carried out a survey within its membership in order to illustrate the odd situation whereby clearly the cost for architectural firms when responding to public procurement calls for architectural and urban planning services is abnormally high. This is due to various factors, in particular the fact that the investment that architectural firms have to make in order to be able to make submissions is sometimes much higher that what is observed for other partners in the construction sector. It is due primarily to the very nature of conceptual work, which soemtimes implies spending many working hours to develop an idea. This high cost is by far not recognized as it should and the G30 had thus commissioned a professional consultancy, Ecorys, in order to prepare a report and put flesh on the recommendations formulated by the G30. The report and recommendations, which were published in 2015 and promoted in the political arena, are still very much actual.

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Costs of Public Procurement in Belgian Architecture.pdf 567.46 KBG30_Synthese_et_recommandations_mai_2015.pdf 163.97 KBG30_samenvatting en aanbevelingen openbare architectuuropdrachten.pdf 164.41 KB

Feb 24 2024

New Charter: SME access to public procurement (2024)

On 15 Dec. 2023 the Federal Council of Ministers of Belgium has approved a new Charter deemed to facilitate the access of SME's to public procurement. The architectural profession thanks in particular to the G30's action has prompted the inclusion of significant provisions in this legal instrument that take account the specific aspects of the architectural sector. (Published in Belgian Monitor)

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Jan 23 2020

G30 Manifesto (2018)

The Manifesto stresses the need to adopt holistic visions and approaches for the management of space in order to devise proactive policies for the bettering of the living environment by fostering, in particular, architectural and urbanistic quality. Furthermore, there’s a need to better take into account the notable developments that have come about during the recent decades – and will still emerge – in many areas, in particular technological changes. Another concern is the constant concern for sustainability and the preservation of resources.

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