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Standard List of Tasks (matrix) in the Construction Sector (2019)

For more than eighteen months, work has been carried out in collaboration between the G30 (Architects firms), the ADEB (Large Contractors) and the ORI (Engineering Consultancies) with a view to defining the respective tasks, thus seeking to fulfill a significant gap.

These efforts culminated in the development of a detailed matrix as complete as possible, which was presented at a conference in Brussels on April 2, 2019.

The G30 has also taken into account in its contribution the previous proposals emanating, inter alia, from the representative Bodies of the Profession in Belgium, while deepening the reflection.

The purpose of the document is to facilitate mutual understanding and coordination activities, while serving as a frame of reference for clients. The matrix has no contractual value, but it may be used on a case-by-case basis, duly completed with regard to the architect's obligations, as an annex to any architectural contract, if applicable.

The matrix is available through the following link: http://adeb-vba.be/fr/liste-standard-des-taches-lst